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  • And what is truth?
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Today I came across another "Fake" about my company Diacom Technology and about me. I'm surprised that a man can fall into lies and for the sake of incomprehensible glory, which will burst in time! Really there are such, to put it mildly, "dishonorable people" for whom to humiliate other person – top of the opportunities and mind. The truth is told when a person is mediocre, he has no choice but to try to defile another person whose merits do not give him rest. Envy and malice driven, they are willing to betray their lies for the truth and are not afraid to expose(!), and that the truth will pour out the stench that seeps through the layer of fiction and the logical leapfrog that they are building. This is for you, Mr. "good" is not a skyscraper to build and not even a pyramid. Your building does not stand up to any criticism!

First of all, let's start with who is the author of these posts and nonsense!

Secondly, where is the evidence of these your arguments?

And, of course, the motive!

And so on the shelves.

Here is the address of the site with the lie that was published by "Mr." Ulysses Angulo (Or do you prefer - Sheretov? I do not know!), driven by jealousy and disgusting in relation to someone else's Brainchild. The genius and success of this invention do not give him rest or sleep:

And here is the author, whose name is written in the text on the website:

Ulysses Angulo, President of Diacom USA

He calls himself the President of Diacom USA, although even before that, that name belonged to someone else, his predecessor, representing the products of my company in the US market – Mr. Anatoly Vykhovanets. Frankly speaking, I have nothing against this person at the moment though there was a milestone of opposition after we dispersed as Business partners. But that's another story.

Mr. Angulo betrays himself, almost for the Father of the founder of NLS technology and the most clever person on earth. But this is not the true! This person was caught in fraud in the US and not by someone, but by a state organization - the FDA (!). Here is the proof:*

Look at the list of scammers offering to treat cancer with their dietary supplements... it is hidden under the text – list of illegally sold cancer treatments.

This organization is akin to the Russian health Ministry.

The text of the letter can be read at:

In the address of this letter there is a name of our notorious charlatan and the liar trying to mislead audience!

And now let's go directly to the texts on his page, to the statements and to the pictures he uses on his page, allegedly proving his fantasies about the truth of Diacom.


**** Diacom USA, since before 2005 has been developing Computer software and hardware for the use in measuring the frequency of energy emitted by the human body;*****

This unproved statement of Mr. Angulo is a complete absurdity. The fact that the USPTO believed his application, about the alleged commercial use of the trademark since the summer of 2005, can not be confirmed by anything! If I'm not mistaken, then in 2005 there was already internet and e-mail. Well, at least, with the release of such devices, it must be certified in some way.But the fraudster has neither mail correspondence for that period (2005-2006) nor an official document proving the use of the name Diacom in any sphere, especially in commerce. Contrary to that, I can prove that the name Diakom was used by me in commerce at the end of 2006. Here is a screenshot from the site of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, proving this fact:

Thus, Diacom USA and the trademark registered by Mr. Angulo fraudulently are nothing more than an illegal forgery and an attempt to misappropriate a foreign name! It's a shame, Mr. Angulo. Within the framework of what has been proved, it can be stated with firmness that the Diacom USA trademark is nothing but fraud on the part of its registrar, Ulysses Angulo:



2)*** The original Diacom devices previously sold in the USA have now been replaced by the new Biostar-NLS 3D***

1) The manufacturer of the original Diacom devices, was and is – Diacom Technology, which has never been located in the United States. As we have already proved earlier, the name Diacom was first associated with the original devices in 2006 and the start of production was laid in Russia. The Creator of the original DIACOM devices, opened a duplicate production of these devices in the Czech Republic in April 2009, where the devices began to be sent to the United States. No relation to the name "Biostar", the original manufacturer of the apparatus Diacom never had and isn't going to create devices with the given name. By this action, the fraudster tries to mislead the buyers and thereby promote the fake devices using incomprehensible technologies to the market, without certification and other necessary documents confirming their safety and originality. Moreover, on many sites supported by Mr. Angulo, we see a lot of "Fotoshop", deceiving the consumer.

2) Diacom Technology has sold Diacom devices in the US market, and continues to do so, and Diacom-NLS is a part of the name of registered software (Diacom-NLS-Urmium), with the corresponding copyright owned by the owner of the Diacom Technology and the general director of LLC Diacom "- Khachatur Mkrtchyan.

Here are the proofs of these arguments:


*** Diacom Worldwide Counterfeiting***

Well, there's nothing to say! So many lies in one paragraph - you need to be able to ... The picture shows the old, original Diacom-Lite-FREQ-Euro device, which has been discontinued for more than four years. Talking about any quality signs, holding the old, used device, it makes no senseThis is how to talk about used Mercedes for which besides not particularly caring (judging by pictures). Yes, while blatantly lying that the devices are forged on the analogue of the "original" American devices Diacom, this is more than fraud. Let's take a look at the "original" American Diacom, about which Mr. Angulo says so much:

And here is how this mister came to creation of this replica on the real Diacom:

Yeah! my dears, this is nothing more than a forgery of The original DIACOM device, which was offered for sale by Mr. Angulo on the pages of one of his many sites, misleading the layman, hiding behind the acquaintance with me and the distribution agreement. As the saying goes, "the thief and the cap burns". After my exposure of the fact of selling fakes of my vehicles, this rascal, started all the hard things. Not disdaining the most disgusting methods, he began to throw left and right, the bile of his anger and try to desecrate my name. I'm willing to provide a ton of evidence that this man has no honor, but does it need to if he's on the list of scammers published by the FDA (!).I think no sense! So, dear friends, Mr. Angulo had no Diacom in 2005. And he himself admitted it when he met me. Here's this email I received and stored in the email, and not just ... for peace of mind, I made a copy of the mailbox and rerouted all my emails from one mailbox to another.

Here he writes literally the following:

… I have experienced with the selling of the Diacom device in the USA, and this experience started in 2013: In late 2011/2012, I purchased the…

So what to believe? I think there is no need to prove all the falsity and meanness of a person without honor and dignity - Mr. Ulysses Angulo, an envious and spiteful person! But further more interesting ...

And so proceed to the next item of this post on the page of Mr. Ulysses Angulo.


In the original Diacom-Nexus software, there was never a therapyOn file, because neither the device nor the software does not perform medical actions and is not intended for medical use, and the owner of IPP Metatron said that he has nothing against Diacom Technology and me personally. Regarding the software, IPP Metatron uses the registered software "Metapatia GR" and its modifications, which differs from that indicated by Mr. Angulo software and has no intellectual right and claims.

Diacom software is also registered as has been proven above! In General, the first version of this programme was presented in 2007 in the Czech Republic at the regular annual Diacom conference. With regard to the old Diacom-NLS-Nexus software, support and other actions have been discontinued since 2013, as it was hacked by Chinese partners and distributed as original software, which could damage Diacom's reputation, and it simply did not make sense to continue supporting it. As for the video material on the page of Mr. Angulo's website with Diacom disassembling, I do not at all find that it is negative in it regarding my devices. I have never made a secret about the internal design of the device and the fact that a person does not understand how it works does not indicate any contradictions, and moreover, that this device is counterfeit. Moreover, it has the appropriate certificates in many countries.

This action Mr. Angulo, just a bad attempt to discredit what he and on 10% not can understand and achieve. I think he's just being envious!


*** How do I know I have been blocked or blacklisted?***

As has been repeatedly proved above, Mr. Angulo easily deceives not only the authorities, but also his own and foreign customers. In order to take Away your money, he is ready for any "feat". One Scam before the FDA this person will never stop, especially since the FDA has already issued him a second warning. Indeed, Diacom's devices used a software locking system that protects it from hacking attempts and ensures that, in addition to authorized specialists, no one will get into the device that has Diacom's warranty service.

That is, the block was triggered if:

  • The device was discovered
  • the device has been dropped or subjected to strong vibration
  • the device gets wet
  • he device tried to activate by incorrect codes a lot (up to 12) times
  • Device was trying to hack by the software
  • in case of theft of the device, or lack of payment for

The Diacom has long been abolished the system lock their devices starting with version Diacom-Lite-FREQ-Troia after updating the firmware from version 6_25. The Diacom does not leave in trouble and those who have been deceived by unscrupulous sellers. Here is a concrete example of such an event (!). With the filing of Mr. Angulo, one of the clients of the former distributor in the US, Anatoly Vykhovanets, spent money on a lawyer and sent me a request to unblock the device, which was allegedly blocked by us. On this demand, of course, we informed the lawyer that we did not receive such information from this client, and that he should first contact us. I asked the attorney to forward this information to Mr. Alex Duarte:

Mr. Mkrtchyan
Diacom Technology
Dear Mr. Mkrtchyan, as per a letter I had sent to your attorney (Ms. Winklerova) and at her suggestion I am contacting you to help me with my Diacom. I purchased my Diacom in 2013 from the Vykhovanets and have learned that it was blacklisted due to the fact they owe you monies.

And after receiving this letter, we took the necessary measures to help this client.

And here is his last letter:

First, I wish to thank you for your most generous offer to try to restore function to my Diacom-you have my full cooperation in this effort. If you think I need another program to be loaded I will do so and gladly pay for this new program. If this is not possible then I will do what you suggest in order to restore function. And yes I would much rather deal with you and your company directly for all future applications, new software programs or educational needs in the future. You are being very honorable and generous to me in helping me restore my Diacom. I have already received a message from Victoria who is most willing to help me in this effort. If I have a problem do you want me to deal with Victoria or with you directly? Once again thank you for helping me out.

Here is another letter from a client from the US who bought the devices from Mr. Angulo:

As can be seen from the text, Mr. Angulo deliberately misleads customers and stakeholders. This, and not only, proves unfair competition and meanness of Mr. Angulo and not only against me. I think it's his life style.

Here is one of the last letters of the same client, with whom we cooperate, and to this day:

And now once again we will check the number of the device indicated in the letter of Mr. Duarte, who was on the blacklist (this is the list of devices for which there is no any support) 1PIVC2JY9N:

As we can see, there is no lock and the device is not in the black list. The black list has long been gone. All those who can have problems, can contact me directly, through the Helper application and get technical help on the devices:

In the end, you should not believe a fraudster trying to drag Chinese fakes to the market under his new trademark and fraudulently achieve the location of customers. It is not only too much low but also illegal!


Fake diploma…

To this extent, to mix everything that has nothing to do, it is necessary to be able to ... Mr. Angulo not only got carried away by falsification of data, as it was already proved, but also does not distinguish fake from the original.

And so, the Open University of Modern Sciences is indeed registered in Miami, Florida at:

444 BRICKELL AVE SUITE 51-733, MIAMI, FL, 33131

Here is a screenshot from the commerce site in Florida, which clearly indicates the information about the company:

As can be seen from the registration data, the founders and responsible for OUAS are CHAVERRI, MARIA ANGELES S and ALCALA, ANTONIO GONZALEZ. In view of Mr. Angoule's fake statements on the pages of his website with the aim of misleading potential consumers and customers of Diacom Technology, I asked OUAS to clarify the true state of affairs and shed light on the facts of false diplomas. That's what they answered me in the official note:

Open University of Advanced Sciences Inc. E-mail:


We received diverse information regarding the existence of irregular diplomas emitted by associations or companies other than OUAS(Open University of Advanced Sciences ©) that’s why, we DECLARE:

  •  That OUAS (Open University of Advanced Sciences ©) has only contractual• agreements with DIACOM in what refers to Bioresonance NLS. We only issue official diplomas of this company in this research area.
  •  That the issued diploma proves that its owner has attended the official courses• accredited by this document, being OUAS courses or recognized titles that must be proved previously by the exhibition of the corresponding certificates or diplomas.
  •  That, as appears in the Annual Report of the Division of Corporations of the• State Department of Florida, USA about Open University of Advanced Sciences ©, registered with the number P99000039981, Msrs. María de los Ángeles Serena Chaverri is the President, Director and Dean of OUAS and only her signature has notarized recognition, being strictly forbidden any other firm as representation of Open University of Advanced Sciences ©
  •  That the issued diplomas of OUAS (Open University of Advanced Sciences ©)• referred to DIACOM certify that the owner has reached the degree of training attested by this document.
  •  That we only endorse the poroducts of DIACOM in the field of Bioresonance NLS• and we don’t acknowledge any other trademark.
  •  That we will only accept applications for diplomas authorized and signed by the• General Director of DIACOM SPAIN Mr. Ángel Morales, Ph. D.
  •  That any other activity, both by individuals or companies, that would make• explicit reference to OUAS (Open University of Advanced Sciences ©) or to supposed links with our company and contradicts what is previously written is not only fraudulent, but also wholly illegal; for this reason we will proceed to take the appropriate legal steps.

Barcelona September, 20th, 2017

This document was signed personally by the lady

Fdo. Mª Ángeles Serena Chaverri
DNI: 36896285F

Here is the original received by me:

Thus, no other person has anything to do with the original diplomas from OUAS, but Mr. Angulo has brought in somebody here - Julian Peréz Gutierrez, who in reality has nothing to do with OUAS and yes, indeed, amuses himself with the distribution of fake OUAS diplomas. However, if Mr. Angulo is so worried that he could go to the Spanish police and ask to investigate and arrest the fraudster… But it looks like he's not giving any information about his compagnons... because if you catch the counterfeiter of diplomas, how to prove that the original diplomas are not original, if you believe the crook!

In one of the documents signed by the rector of OUAS and sent to me by Mr. Angel Morales, General representative of Diacom in Spain and Latin America there is a direct indication that Julian Peréz Gutierrez has nothing to do with OUAS and all diplomas issued by him are false. Here is a screenshot as of this writing:

And finally, as to the legality of my diploma. Here is the official response of Mrs. rector OUAS - Mª Angeles Serena Chaverri:



This part of the statements by dishonorable grief entrepreneur does not maintain any criticism. Here is the full "expired certificates" format»:

Apparently from terms of the existing certificates, statements of Mr. Angulo are groundless and resemble unfair competition.


Mr. Angulo uses a photo of a girl who has nothing to do with his devices and so on, giving this photo for his services. The girl's parents are preparing a statement to the police on the illegal use of the image of the girl in falsification for the purpose of fraud. So, remove this photo as quickly as possible from the pages of your website, Mr. Angulo!

I would advise you to remove from his web pages all this lies and become an honest and decent man. And in fact, before the law will have to answer for libel by far! Think Mr. Angulo whether fall so low, weaving into libel and slander.